The Academy Program:
  • was established in 1981 in the Sequoia district and has over 25 years of history at M-A.
  • has grown to over 300 Academies across California today.
  • is referred to as a small “school within a school” on the M-A campus.
  • enables students to take a technology course each semester in addition to college prep Academy English, Science and Social Studies courses.
The Academy provides:
  • additional individual support for students than is possible in mainstream classes.
  • smaller class size (20-25 students on average).
  • an Academy advisor to ensure each student is on track to reach their desired goals.
  • community-building activities including a variety of field trips, social functions and advisory period.
  • project-based assessments which encourage higher level thinking.
Career Technology:
  • While taking college prep Academy classes, our students also develop the computer skills necessary to compete in today's information age.
  •  Juniors are partnered with an adult mentor from the community to work on resumes and practice interviewing skills.
  • Students are trained in photo/video journalism and their videos are posted online.
  • Students gain proficiency in the following programs: MS. Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, HTML, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Adobe Flash (animation), Fireworks,iMovie and Final Cut Express.